Podcasting Value for Small Business

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Podcasting Value for Small Business

This article explores the how and why of podcasting and the value for small business. And how to be a great podcast guest!

Can you really make money hosting a podcast?

The answer is always YES!

The truth is, I have not found a business yet that could not grow from podcasting. Since 2020 advertising and marketing has changed significantly. In 2019 businesses largely attracted ideal clients through paid advertising. The ROI was great! Things changed in 2020. Investing larger and larger sums in ad spend wasn’t always getting us in front of our ideal client. Is the algorithm to blame? Who knows. But podcasting is one solution!

How I got started in podcasting.

In January 2020 I was taking a class on building sales webinars. The idea was that I would make money in my sleep by people watching the webinar and signing up for my coaching program. But I quickly realized that I was not cut out for webinar creating. It was so difficult to tell my story and create my message, I was STUCK! My instructor suggested a podcasting class she thought would help me with my messaging.

I jumped into that 28 day program and despite continued struggles with my messaging, the coaches were able to usher me through. On March 2, 2020, I launched the She’s Invincible Podcast. At launch, it ranked #42 in Business Entrepreneurship on iTunes! I was so grateful that I leaned into that calling and built a platform to spotlight experts and inspire and encourage the world with my podcast.

Because this is where the magic happened…

I began interviewing fierce, female entrepreneurs who shared their expert zone of genius as well as the good, the bad and the ugly of their journey to success. I became so passionate about these conversations that I started “She’s Invincible – The Podcast School for Entrepreneurs” where I teach others how to launch their own top podcast.

How do you monetize your podcast?

There are a few ways to make money via podcasting.

First, you can launch your own podcast. Use your story and message to attract your ideal clients and convert them into paying clients. You can grow your business one client or company at a time through each of these conversations.

Second, you can offer a paid advertisement on your show to your clients, referral partners, and others. Ad revenue can be significant as your audience grows.

Third, you could be a podcast guest. I love my guests because we connect, collaborate, and usually become great friends. I get the honor of promoting them and their business and we usually stay in touch. By guesting, you get your message in front of the host’s audience and may gain new clients or customers in this way. In fact, many entrepreneurs start out as a guest and eventually launch their own podcast.  It’s a super fun opportunity to grow yourself and your business.

Here are a few tips for podcast guests:

Know your target audience.

Be sure you and the podcast host share the same target audience but do not compete. (You should not be on a life coaches show if you are a life coach). The goal is not to get on the BIG famous shows, the goal is to get on the shows that have the same target market as you.

Share your authentic self and journey!

Your personal journey story. The story that makes you unique and connects with your target audience. Be authentic! Be transparent! And most of all, be REAL!

Have great topics & questions.

Create a one-sheet with short bio, professional headshot, photo of your book if you are an author, 3-5 topics you can speak on and a few suggested questions the host can ask you.

Be an expert storyteller.

On the podcast, share how you got where you are today, what aligned for you, what went wrong. Share your company vision and mission statement. Know your top 3-5 stories. One is your business origin story. Captivate your audience by making it relevant to them. Show, don’t tell.

Use a call to action.

You need a solid call to action: visit my website, offer a free PDF, join my community.

You May Never Know a Million People but a Million People Can Know You!

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Guest Post Author:

Kamie Lehmann is the owner of Kamie Lehmann Coaching & Consulting, LLC, Business Coach, International Speaker, the Host of She’s Invincible - the Podcast and Owner of She’s Invincible - The Podcast School.