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Praise from Clients

Denise MacMurtrie

Peace Restored Photo Organizing

“The answer to my prayers”

I was pivoting my business and knew I needed appropriate legal protection. Cheri was the answer to my prayers. Cheri is so easy to work with and made the process manageable.  She sought to understand my business and gave me insights as to where the gaps were.  Cheri revamped my client contracts to make them more complete, provided a thorough privacy statement for my website, and helped me amend my LLC. I now have confidence that my business is legally sound and protected.  I’m so grateful for Cheri, her professionalism, competence, and her commitment to personalized service for each of her clients.

Lynne Williams Ed.D. Candidate

Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group

“Empathetic and approachable”

Cheri Andrews is a highly creative, versatile, and intelligent legal professional with expertise in small business formation and corporate governance. She provided invaluable pro-bono services to the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group as we worked through our recent merger with Business Executives Networking Group (BENG). She was able to quickly grasp the needs of our groups and provide guidance on joint Bylaws and Corporate Governance on very short notice. In addition, Cheri is an empathetic and approachable attorney, willing to spend the time needed with her clients to get things done right. I would highly recommend Cheri to any small business or solopreneur seeking legal guidance for their business!

Jennifer Beddall

Owner, Adspire Creative

“I knew I was in the right hands”

As a new, small business owner, I needed a contract for my business that I could give to clients. I was introduced to Cheri through the PVLA. After our first introduction phone call, I knew I was in the right hands. Cheri listened to my concerns and created a contract that not only fulfilled my needs, but included content I hadn’t thought of. In addition, she created a standalone privacy policy for my website. She was diligent and careful in the construction of the assets she made for me, and she truly got to know me and my business, setting me up perfectly to continue to succeed in the future. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. Cheri truly went above and beyond and I couldn’t have been happier with my experience with her. If you are a small business owner, especially in a niche or unique industry, I highly recommend Cheri!

Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, CCMS

The Wellness Kitchenista

“So utterly impressed”

I was so utterly impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism, and thorough guidance and information provided by Cheri. Cheri helped me with small business questions and concerns, never once making me feel silly for asking too many questions. As a small business owner, one thing that was extraordinarily helpful is that Cheri works with clients in packages, which alleviated much of the stress around the financial aspects of working with attorney, especially as a small business owner. Thank you, Cheri!

Kristy L. Crippen

Collaborative Partners Administrative Services

“Explains difficult legal concepts in an easily understandable way”

Cheri is just wonderful! After working with Cheri, I feel safe and secure in my business, knowing that it is legally sound. Cheri is an absolute expert in her field and explains difficult legal concepts in an easily understandable way. You know that you’re in great hands with her and I recommend her to everyone I know, whether you’re just starting out on your business journey or are a seasoned business owner who wants to make sure that your business is legally protected. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Cheri! Thank you, Cheri, for your lovely, patient way that you have and for guiding me along in such a professional and confident manner.

Linda J. Hollenback, MSEd, CPRW

College/Career Coach, Hollenback Consulting LLC

“I feel confident that my business is protected”

Cheri made getting my business legal affairs in order easy. I so appreciate her expertise, professionalism, and approachability. I am also grateful for the time and care she gave to answering my questions, ensuring I understood each document. I feel confident that my business is protected and well positioned for its new growth phase. Thank you, Cheri!

Melissa Embry

Embry Photography, LLC

“A pleasure to work with”

Starting your own small business can be very overwhelming and scary and at times feels impossible. There are many tasks to do, things to organize, questions to ask, places to call and papers to file. I should know, I have had my own small business for over 12 years. When I moved states, and came to Pennsylvania, I had new questions and wanted to make sure my business was set up properly.

Thankfully I found Cheri.

She listened to my questions and professionally detailed how I should approach my photography business in a new state. Cheri helped calm me and very professionally walked me through the steps to make sure I had all my “ducks in a row.”  She created proper agreements and waivers I would need, and walked me through each section so I really understood the legal verbiage.

I am so thankful for her patience, organization, and attention to detail. She was timely, friendly, and professional. She encouraged me to have fun with my work, and to believe in my art. Cheri was a pleasure to work with, and gave me the confidence I needed regarding the set-up of my business. Now I can now put in the energy to make my photography business a success here in Pennsylvania! Thank you so much Cheri!

Donna J. Spina, PCC CPC ELI-MP

CEO / Author / Global Consultant
Coaching Indeed

Business Law. The knowledge to safeguard you and your business from known or unknown legal threats. Most entrepreneurs and business owners don’t know what they don’t know when protecting their businesses and intellectual property from potential harm. Guessing is dangerous, too. Being properly informed is power. Don’t miss out on something important to your business survival. Cheri Andrews can help you avoid becoming a victim of DIY or legal apathy.