It’s an inescapable fact…business owners require attorneys for advice, contracts, and compliance. And big companies rely on their business counsel to help them grow and protect their business.

Your small business needs a business counsel, too!

Have You Ever Wished for an Attorney Who:

You could call to ask a question?

Reviewed your contracts, leases, or other business documents before you signed?

Helped you lock down the legal rights to your brand?

Understood what regulatory requirements applied to your business?

Proactively implemented strategies to reduce your legal risk?

Is committed to your success?


How Would You Feel if You Could Partner with a Business Counsel Who:

  •  Understands you and your business?
  •  Works with you to ensure compliance?
  •  Ensures that your business is legally protected?

I get it: there’s risk in owning and running a small business. But you may be taking on more risk than you realize. And all because your experience with lawyers has dollar signs swimming before your eyes.

Great news: you don’t have to choose between your budget and your peace of mind!

Partner with me to resolve your legal worries so you can concentrate on running your business! Together, we will change the focus from reactively addressing legal problems to proactively avoiding and mitigating problems BEFORE they arise!




Get the peace of mind of knowing that the legal aspects of your business are being handled the right way.

Using predicable flat rate or membership fees, you’ll:

  •  Avoid litigation
  •  Cut costly mistakes
  •  Resolve pesky problems quickly
  •  Have more confidence in moving forward with big goals
  •  Sleep better at night

After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!



Do you hate legalese?  Me too! I have zero tolerance for legalese. This ensures that your legal documents are strictly plain English and easily understood—for both you and your clients.

My extensive background (more than thirty years) in both law firm and corporate settings means you get the benefit of my experience without having to invest in a full-time attorney.

Here are a few insights from my existing clients, who often tell me that “I’m not like other attorneys.”  I consider this high praise indeed:

Linda J. Hollenback

Cheri made getting my business legal affairs in order easy. I so appreciate her expertise, professionalism, and approachability. I am also grateful for the time and care she gave to answering my questions, ensuring I understood each document. I feel confident that my business is protected and well positioned for its new growth phase. Thank you, Cheri!

Linda J. Hollenback, MSEd, CPRW
College/Career Coach, Hollenback Consulting LLC

Denise MacMurtrie

I was pivoting my business and knew I needed appropriate legal protection. Cheri was the answer to my prayers. Cheri is so easy to work with and made the process manageable.  She sought to understand my business and gave me insights as to where the gaps were.

I now have confidence that my business is legally sound and protected.  I’m so grateful for Cheri, her professionalism, competence, and her commitment to personalized service for each of her clients.

Denise MacMurtrie
Peace Restored Photo Organizing

Jessica DeLuise

I was so utterly impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism, and thorough guidance and information provided by Cheri. Cheri helped me with small business questions and concerns, never once making me feel silly for asking too many questions. As a small business owner, one thing that was extraordinarily helpful is that Cheri works with clients in packages, which alleviated much of the stress around the financial aspects of working with attorney, especially as a small business owner. Thank you, Cheri!

Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, CCMS
The Wellness Kitchenista

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Smooth Sailing

A Practical Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business

By Cheri D. Andrews, Esq.

  •  Integrity is the touchstone of my practice.
  •  Creativity is how I find the right solution for YOU.
  •  Empathy allows me to meet you where you are and help to move your business forward.

I have chosen to direct my time and talent to work where I can make a real impact: helping small business owners and solopreneurs just like you protect their livelihood. After all, you work hard to build your empire—as your Business Counsel, I’ve got your back!


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