How Writing a Book Supercharges Your Business


How Writing a Book Supercharges Your Business

Perhaps you’ve heard somewhere that, as an entrepreneur, you ought to write a book. But you’re busy meeting clients, marketing your business, speaking, creating, and serving. How the heck do you find the time to write a book? And publish? That feels overwhelming. That’s okay—I’ve got your back. Here are the four reasons you ought to write and publish a book:


One: Writing a book gives you credibility as an expert—and boosts your self-confidence

Most of the authors with whom I’ve worked tell me that writing their book gave them incredible clarity and insight as to their real missions and how they serve their ideal clients. The biggest boost is to the author’s self-confidence, which further helps her shine in front of the world.


Think back to when you met someone who published a book. As you heard the phrase, “I’m an author,” what thoughts ran through your mind? I’ll bet they went something like this, “She must be an expert to have a bestselling book. She must know what she’s talking about.” And those thoughts come before you ever cracked open the publication and gave it a read.


Two: Being an author raises your visibility and can garner media coverage

Once you’ve published a book, especially if it’s become a bestseller, it’s ten times easier to garner media coverage. Can’t you just hear that next interviewer introducing you and adding, “Meet bestselling author [your name] who is an expert in [your field].”


Using your book to create your Speaker One Sheet and Electronic Press Kit simplifies the process and gives you instant credibility. These also give journalists a place to begin to know you, which results in better questions and a more informative interview.


Three: Having your book on Amazon helps people find you

Did you know that Amazon is the No. 1 search engine in the world for products and services? Over 44% of all internet searches begin on Amazon. If your book is available for sale on that platform, and your author page is updated, you can more easily be found by the right people—people you are divinely contracted to serve.


Four: There’s no better marketing collateral than writing a book

The question, “Do you have a business card?” becomes a gift to you as you say, “I don’t have any with me. Would it be okay if I gave you a copy of my book instead?” A well-written and beautifully designed book is the only—and best—business card you’ll ever need.


Your book has many functions beyond simply being a business card. You can use it as an irresistible free offer on your website, where your ideal clients happily exchange their email address for a copy of your book in PDF format. You can use the contents to create social media graphics. Or you may choose to offer your book as a giveaway when you speak.


Finding the Time to Write

Now that you’re clear about why you ought to write a book, you’re likely thinking, “Who the heck has time to write a book?” As a wife, mom, author and business owner myself, I understand how valuable time is. I struggled to find time to write, too. That’s why I created a free weekly two-hour Write-In on Zoom where all kinds of writers can spend time each Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm eastern time writing. You’re invited to join us. Simply send an email to [email protected] to get the link.


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